Monika Bravo, An Interval of Time

Monika Bravo, An Inverval of Time. Photo is a digital rendering.

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Monika Bravo, An Interval of Time.

Colombian, born 1964

Bravo created An Interval of Time, a series of two-minute projections, using data from the Jackson School of Geosciences. Her moving, silent images include details on weather patterns, seismological charts, and models for geo-hazards. Bravo transformed the data into painterly abstractions that will be projected within a six-foot spherical screen in the school’s newly renovated student center designed by McKinney York Architects.

Announcement: Monika Bravo to Create Video Installation for Jackson School


Landmarks has commissioned Colombian artist Monika Bravo to create a video installation for the University’s public art collection. The video will be projected from within a six-foot spherical screen located in the Jackson School of Geoscience’s new student center. The unveiling will coincide with the opening of the student center in July 2012. 

Bravo’s work often presents images from nature and urban landscapes in a manner that suggests metaphorical relationships to human experience. For this commission, Bravo will draw upon research in the Jackson School to create a poetic combination of the scientific and imaginary. 

Monika Bravo lives and works in New York City and is known for her multi-media work in the form of moving images, photography, and interactive video installations. 

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Location: Jackson School of Geosciences-Student Center